BONUS: Novelist Yaa Gyasi

Yaa Gyasi has called many places home: Her native Ghana. Ohio. Illinois. Tennessee. California. Iowa. But she spent her formative years, from age 9 through high school, in Alabama.

On Nov. 1, Gyasi returns to Huntsville to read from “Homegoing,” the debut novel that earned her a spot on the National Book Foundation’s 2016 “5 Under 35” list. She’ll be at the University of Alabama in Huntsville’s Chan Auditorium at 7 p.m.

Gyasi is the next guest on Triple Take, the podcast about the books, albums and movies that shape us. That episode won’t go up till Monday, but click play below to hear a bonus episode in which we discuss Alabama’s influence on “Homegoing.”

“I often say, I don’t think I would’ve written a book like this if I hadn’t come from a country that had some involvement in the slave trade and ended up in a state where the effects of slavery are still so strongly felt. I feel like this kind of connection, this curiosity, I guess, about how everything came to be the way it was. That was something that was strongly on my mind as I was growing up here,” she said.

Although it’s one of many stops on her book tour, Gyasi said her trip to Huntsville will be special.

“I do feel a certain affection for the places I’ve gone to that have, at some point, been my home,” she said. “There’s something about being able to walk around a place and remember with a fond nostalgia all the things that place has given you, has done for you, that I think is uniquely special on a book tour.”

Listen to more in the podcast below.

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