Triple Take 22: Author and actress Fannie Flagg

fannie-flagg2016 marks 25 years since Fannie Flagg’s breakout novel, “Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe,” was adapted for the silver screen. Next year will be the novel’s 30th anniversary.

But even as she marks such momentous anniversaries, Flagg’s work continues. Her latest, “The Whole Town’s Talking,” is scheduled for Nov. 29 publication. Flagg will return to her hometown, Birmingham, Dec. 9 for an on-stage discussion of the novel, in conversation with FOX6’s Janie Rogers. The free event begins 7 p.m. at The Lyric Theatre. Register at

On the latest episode of Triple Take, Flagg shared insight into how special this event will be. Flagg’s father and grandfather were film projectionists, and her father worked at The Lyric Theatre during her childhood. She also spoke about three of her great influences: the Nancy Drew series, musical theater and the film “Gigi.”

Fannie Flagg on Nancy Drew

“I think there’s a lot to be said for popular culture. It connects us and we identify with it. I am not a person that is a literary snob. I love things that I can relate to. Basically what I still today read are very sort of uplifting things with a happy ending. I’m sorry, I just like that.”

Fannie Flagg on musical theater and the renovation of Birmingham’s theaters

“It’s terrific and it says a lot about our hometown that they care so much about preserving things. A lot of those beautiful movie palaces have been destroyed.”

Fannie Flagg on “Gigi”

“The movies gave us an idealized version of the world and when I was growing up, it was very positive. The messages were positive and there was a lot of comedies. They really didn’t dwell on the dark side of life and the seedy side of life. They showed only the best of human nature. I still kind of do that. … I sort of retained that wanting to write about nice people because I happen to believe that the world is full, still, of really nice people that never get written about.”

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