Triple Take 29: Matt Scalici

He’s spent most of his career in sports journalism, but Matt Scalici’s passion is film. He loves sports, don’t get me wrong, but if he’s going to strike up a debate or look for some down-time viewing, you better believe it’ll be movie related.

You get a taste of that on each episode of Triple Take, of course, as Scalici interviews guests about the films that have influenced them. He’s also editor of, where he’s part of the Film Nerds Unlimited podcast.

And on the latest episode of Triple Take, Scalici speaks about the book, album and film that have had the greatest role in his life. His selections: “The Screwtape Letters” by C.S. Lewis, “Hunky Dory” by David Bowie and the Charlie Chaplin classic “Modern Times.”

On “The Screwtape Letters”:

“It takes work to keep being a good person because the natural way things play out is going to keep challenging you and keep trying to redirect you away from good things and away from being a positive person. In a way, you have to keep going out there and fighting to be a positive person every day.”

On “Hunky Dory”:

“I think it gave people who felt weird and ostracized this kind of sense that, ‘I’m not the only one here, and I’m actually on the ascendency. There’s going to be more of me than there are other people soon.'”

On “Modern Times”:

“I think everybody, if you’re concerned about the future of the country or the direction things seem to be heading, I would highly encourage you to go watch ‘Modern Times’ or ‘The Great Dictator’ because they are movies that will acknowledge your fears or anxieties, but also give you a reason to be hopeful about things.”

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