Triple Take bonus: Is ‘The Little Mermaid’ appropriate for young girls?

Triple Take is officially on hiatus as the guys make some changes after my departure from the show. But surprise! Sometimes the mic is live even when we’re not supposed to be recording, and that means our ridiculous between-segment arguments are preserved for posterity (or until I hit delete).

John’s episode got us talking about Disney movies, and that brought up a touchy point: I think “The Little Mermaid” is a terrible, anti-feminist story. John, however, will defend almost anything Disney-related. That resulted in a lively debate–and the guys yelling over me when I tried to make a point about patriarchy. (When I pointed this out–laughing–they noted that they yell over each other. It’s true. They love debate, it’s not about trying to silence me.)

Enjoy a peek into our behind-the-scenes conversation. The guys will be back with more episodes of Triple Take soon.

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