Triple Take bonus: Are Guns N’ Roses, Nirvana classic rock?

Triple Take is officially on hiatus as the guys make some changes after my departure from the show. But surprise! Sometimes the mic is live even when we’re not supposed to be recording, and that means our ridiculous between-segment arguments are preserved for posterity (or until I hit delete).

When Matthew Mayfield joined us to talk about Guns N’ Roses, the conversation turned to rebellion and classic rock. (Can’t say I’m surprised.) Cohost Matt Scalici argued that GNR is the newest band that can be played on classic rock radio stations–and that declaration prompted lively debate.

Here’s the thing: Nirvana is more recent, Nirvana is sometimes played on classic rock stations and I cuss whenever I hear it. My definition of “classic” rock? Something that was popular before I was old enough to appreciate it.

Yeah, so this bonus episode is mostly John Hammontree reminding the rest of the group that he’s young while Matt, Matthew and I reminisce about watching Nirvana videos on MTV.

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